Tuesday, September 4, 2012


39 lbs (75-90th %ile)
40 3/4 in (50-75th %ile)

Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Toy: Disney racing Cars
Favorite Fruit: bananas
Favorite TV Show/Movie: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse/Cars 2/Annie
Favorite thing to eat for Lunch: PBJ
Favorite Outfit: "Three airplane shirt"
Favorite Game: Wii Mario Cart
Favorite Snack: Peanuts/raisins/M&Ms
Favorite Animal: Horses
Favorite Song: "All the songs from Willy Wonka"
Favorite Book: The Giving Tree
Best Friend: Theo, Mason
Favorite Cereal: Raisin Bran Crunch
Favorite Thing to do Outside: Play baseball
Favorite Drink: Orange juice
Favorite Holiday: Christmas
What do you take with you to bed at night: Horse race track
What do you want for dinner on your birthday: Mac n Cheese
What do you want to be when you grow up: a Football player and “a Plant Waterer”

Dear Buddy,

Well...good riddance to three. Though this year was as rough (if not rougher) as the previous year, for different reasons, a lot has happened. You finished your first year of pre pre school. You learned how to use the bathroom and became very independent at brushing your teeth and getting dressed. You became an excellent baseball and basketball player. You have started to learn some pre-reading skills, and how to draw a few letters. You can write your name! You've started to learn a tiny bit of math. You have raced and raced and raced and raced your Disney Cars. You've played countless games of Candyland. You visited the hospital in March (nothing serious) and had your first IV. You learned to jump into the pool alone, and how to swim with your face in the water. You swung on the glider at the park unassisted and became brave enough to slide down the scary slides, and practice the monkey bars. You learned to ride your first bike (sorta) and scooter. You rode trains, boats, and planes. You became friends with a new group of kids at school and camp. You became a big brother who loves his sister. 

Here are a few highlights:

You made a school project involving seashells glued to colored sand.
Me: "What are these called?"
You: "Shells!"
Me: "Where do you find shells?"
You: "School!"

Reading The Best Mouse Cookie. "First he adds a little salt, sugar, and cauliflower."(Er, flour.)

You're obsessed with the weather, just like your dad. "It's 79 right now, but it's going to catch up to 88!"

While listening to the "Bobby Baby" opening from the musical, Company, you asked, "Is this MJ's favorite song, because she likes to say 'baba' and they're saying 'Bobby?'"

Talking about getting married and having babies.
Me: "You'll have to find someone to marry if you want to have babies. "
You: "Someone like who? Like a girl?"
Me: "Sure."
You: "Like you?"
Me: "No, you can't marry me, because I'm your mom."
You: "How about Auntie G?"
Me: "Sure, buddy."  ;)

You're so proud of all your bathroom related accomplishments, including changing the roll of toilet paper independently.

In fact, your independence is sometimes frightening. Like the time I forgot to buckle you into your booster seat. "It's okay, I did it myself!" WOW. Okay then.

Bowling on the Wii,  three strikes in a row is a Turkey, and two strikes is a "Chicken Dinner!"

Watching The Music Man, you called "The Wells Fargo Wagon," the "Red Wagon Song." Also, you were quite concerned about Winthrop's lisp, and assured us you'd never make fun of someone because they're different. [heart melt]

You: "That is NOT believable." --in your best "I'm actually 13" voice. (You meant "unbelievable," of course.)

I love you so very much, my little thinker, my little explorer.


ahope said...

I love this, and that boy! Happy birthday little buddy.

Auntie G. said...

I die. I DIE. :)

sjh said...

There are no words to express our love of this little guy.
Thanks for sharing.

Gwen said...

like your blog post a lot. Reminds me of my daughter when she is young.