Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Love Scarf: 1st Installment

Here it is. In retrospect, I should have used solid colored yarn instead of the variegated, because the pattern is really lovely but tough to see. A nice ribbed look without the elasticity. (I always have trouble deciding on a solid colored yarn.)

In any case, it will keep someone warm and snuggly.

Oh, and, um, this might be the "1st"...of one. But I'll see how many more I can crank out.


sjh said...

Pretty great job there, girl. Feel free to crank one my way.

Kage said...

YEAH! Hooray!

ahope said...

Love it. What a nice charitable gift. For solid color ideas, you can always look at what is in "season":

Lisa said...

Thank you for sending it our way! We reached our goal of 100!!!